Catch Up With Our Latest Race Reports

Race Report - Cooloola Coast Kart Club Championship Round 3 - 28 April 2019

We don’t often race at Cooloola club rounds but we have a few really big race meets coming up there later in the year so we decided to head up to Cooloola for some track time. The race meet clashed with Lismore Young Guns so we would be without Kaos Karting for the weekend. Some forward planning meant that we were able to stock up in any bits and pieces we thought we might need for the weekend.

We arrived late Friday night to some very wet pits- the rain had been around all day but had stopped just before we arrived. The weekend dress code would include gumboots but the weather forecast said we wouldn’t need raincoats.

We set up our pit Saturday morning and set about doing some testing. There were lots of people rolling in and it was looking like a busy race meet.  Mum and Jordan had done an axle change earlier in the week after the bent axle at Ipswich so we were pleased to see it looked good.   We made a lot of changes during the day of practice and things were looking positive. It would be Jordan’s first trip around Cooloola in this category and Hayden had been chasing a podium here for years. He had his game face on and was focused on a win. Toward the end of the day Hayden had a kart spin out on the track in front of him, leaving him no option but contact. Hayden had a bit of bruising on the sternum and was a bit sore. Unfortunately, driver feedback after that indicated that the kart was pulling a little to one side. We spent quite a bit of time checking the front end - which looked ok- and eventually decided that there may be an issue in the rear end of the kart- it was nothing we could sort out at the track though and Hayden would need to adjust and drive with what he had. Jordan and Hayden both played around a lot with setup and both were keen to try out some new things during the race in preparation for the QLD state titles and Junior Masters later in the year.  We packed up with the knowledge we would have one practice session before qualifying in the morning.

We woke up to a beautiful day ready for racing. We then discovered that due to time constraints, the practice session would be combined with qualifying, removing the benefit of being able to come in and make changes for qually. For a bit of fun the club had a teams trophy. Team KAOS Karting consisted of Hayden, Jordan, Shaun Jacques in Juniors, Rudy Farkas in Seniors, Toby Musico and Sebastian Bennett in Cadet 9’s. We were looking forward to a fun day.

Jordan set himself up well for a good first lap, getting a good time (and a PB) on the board early. Unfortunately, each lap after that had him moving through traffic so that first one was it. He ended up P11 from 17 karts. Hayden was up to P4 mid way through qualifying but dropped to P7. Both boys qualified with better times than they had been able to get during practice so all of the setup testing was well worth it.

Heat 1:
Hayden got a great start jumping from 7th straight to 4th and holding it for the whole race. He went for a dive on the last lap only to realise it was under a yellow flag and having to back out of the pass at the last second. Had he passed under yellow he would have received a penalty so it was good to be paying attention.
Jordan started 11th and moved up to 9th on the start. He was passed on lap 3 and lap 4 to finish in 11th. After the finish, on the cool down lap, Jordan was hit by another kart, buckling a rear rim. We had to do a quick rim change in time to head back out for heat 2.

Heat 2:
The second heat was full of action with the decision to join the cadet 9’s onto the back of the cadet 12 field. Hayden got another great start straight up to 4th- unfortunately a few laps in he misjudged a corner, tapped another kart from behind and put his wheels on the dirt, putting him back to 7th. Thankfully nobody else was disadvantaged. Later in the race, he managed to avoid an accident in front of him and hold 7th until the end. Jordan started 11th and jumped up to 8th. As the race went on his times were a bit off. He avoided some bingles and finished in 9th. When we checked over the kart we noticed that the brakes were sticking a little so we worked on those between races to send him back out for the next heat.

Heat 3:
Cumulative points so far for the day would have Hayden starting in P5 and Jordan in P11. Neither of the boys got a very good start in heat 3. Hayden dropped back to P7 almost straight away. He fought through to 5th but then got stuck in a pack that he couldn’t get through- swapping to 6th, then back up to 5th a couple of laps from the end, finishing in P5.
Jordan dropped to 12th on the start. His times were still a way off where they were in the morning and he got swamped in traffic heading up the back hill, pushing him back to 14th. He finished in 14th and we needed to do some more brake maintenance it seemed that air was getting into his brake lines somehow and was stopping the brakes from releasing properly- holding his kart back and causing Jordan to have to fight against it. It seemed that out Cooloola luck had struck again!

The final was nothing if not eventful. In cadet 12 racing it can get very hectic and we do expect some action. Hayden started equal 3rd in points and starting from P4. He got a nice start and so did Jordan who was starting from 11th. Hayden was up to 4th almost straight away and unfortunately the engine coughed heading down the hill over the back- in this class if you blink you lose 4 places, and that’s exactly what happened. He was then back to 8th and trying to fight his way through the pack. He managed to pick off a couple, moving up to 6th. An accident between the front karts and a lapped kart heading onto the straight on the last lap caused a big upset. Hayden took advantage and gained 2 positions, only to have one taken back shortly after. Hayden finished 5th. Jordan started 11th and pushed through to 9th. He raced well and it seemed we had sorted out his brake issues - unfortunately starting so far back was always going to be difficult. Coming up the hill over the back he was swamped with traffic and unfortunately lost another position trying to make his way through. Jordan finished the final in 10th.

Overall for the day, Hayden finished in 4th position, just 1 point stopping him from making the podium - and Jordan finished the day in 10th. Both ahead of where they had qualified and both earning a PB over the weekend.

We don’t often do club meets at Cooloola and we feel that we made some good progress finding a set up that works for later in the year. We have a few big race meets coming up at Cooloola, with the Gympie Junior Masters in May, one of the rounds of the Southern QLD Series in August, and the second round of the QLD State Titles in September. Both boys came away with a PB and some good information for their next visit to the track.

Huge Thankyou’s to Cooloola Coast Kart Club for putting on a great race meet- the atmosphere is always great and we really enjoy heading up to the track. Hayden hasn’t yet been able to crack the Cooloola Hill and come home with a trophy but Jordan did have a win when he didn’t come away with any injuries! Thankyou to our supporters who help us to reach our goals day in and day out: Belinda Riseley from MotiV8 Training for the countless ways that you help us to develop and grow; Macca from 9ine5ive Tuning who never stops watching the timing and offering advice- even when he’s supposed to be on holidays; Browns Plains Chiropractic Centre for checking us all out and keeping us in tip top shape, KAOS Karting for always being amazing and for backing up a big weekend by taking in our karts first thing Monday morning to check them over; Power Republic for our engine rebuilds; Ruiz Plumbing Solutions for making sure we had running water again in the hotel-on-wheels; Jimmy and the crew at Plus Fitness 24/7 Underwood who are helping us to create strong and focused boys!

Next weekend we are volunteering at Rotax Pro Tour at Ipswich and the following week we are back on track at Warwick for the Mother’s Day meet which this year is also the first round of the Southern QLD Series.

Race Report - Ipswich Kart Club Championship Round 3 - 7 April 2019

This race meet was shaping up to be a big one. Being the Rotax Pro Tour Shakedown Meet, there would be all of the regular categories, along with all of the Pro Tour categories- a whopping 13 races! This would mean a long day and big breaks! Jordan was resting a toe injury so practice on Friday night was Hayden only. He knocked out some good laps and was feeling positive for the next day. Hayden jumped in his friend and #95T team-mates kart to help with some setup advice and it also gave him a few ideas for tweaking his own kart setup. Jordan wouldn’t have that opportunity but it was important to give his toe as much time as possible before squeezing it into a boot.
An early start on Saturday morning had our drivers at drivers briefing just after 7.30am. Given that the boys were not driving in a Pro Tour class, they would not have qualifying.
Heat 1: Random grid positions would have Jordan starting out of P6 and Hayden out of P10 in a field of 28. Just before going out, Jordan raised an issue with his brakes. They felt a bit off and after a good check it was decided they would be ok for heat 1 and would need to be looked at before heat 2. Jordan was under instruction to test them well on the warm up and formation laps and pull out of the race if he was at all concerned that they were getting worse. We could see him hold back on the start which cost him quite a few spots and we noticed that he was playing very cautiously, which was smart. On the start, heading into corner 1, there was an incident behind the boys, causing a huge amount of damage to quite a few karts. One of whom was a beginner, Louis, in his first race meet. The boys drove well and Hayden finished in 11th and Jordan finished 14th. Hayden had a few passing opportunities that he didn’t take, so after a chat with Macca, he had some things to work on for the next heat.
As soon as we got the boys off the in grid we had some awesome help from Macca at 9ine5ive Tuning and Kyle Zink (even though he was trying to fit in his own races!) pulling Jordan’s brakes apart. In amongst all this, the #Kaos Karting / #95T team helped to repair Louis’ kart for heat 2.
What started as a straight forward brake issue ended up being anything but...  The brakes were shimmed and bled but still weren’t pressuring up.
Heat 2 was called. Hayden would start heat 2 from 16th. Jordan would start from 20th if we could get him to the grid. It was going to be touch and go so we sent Jordan to the grid to wait in the hope that we would make it just in time. We didn’t. He was very disappointed. He took all of his safety gear off. Macca and Kyle kept working on the kart and by some stroke of luck, the group were sent into the grid for a restart. Jordan ran to check if he would be allowed to join the restart and they agreed that yes he would. We re-dressed him and sent him to the grid again. It looked like we might just make it. Unfortunately, the final check before we ran to the grid showed that the brakes still weren’t coming up to pressure and it was too unsafe to send him out. Jordan would watch the race from the grandstand.  Hayden put in an amazing drive - starting 16th and finishing 6th with some fantastic passing moves. The pep talk had we and truly paid off!
The brakes were being quite difficult and resulted in a few minor pit crew injuries 😂 but we had brakes ready to go out for heat 3! In was an enormous team effort in the 9ine5ive Tuning / KAOS Karting camp and we were feeling very privileged to be a part of such a great crew. Is there anything Jen doesn’t carry in that van?!
Heat 3 had Hayden starting P9 and Jordan starting P23 playing catch-up from his missed heat. That missed start would really affect his points for the day and although he was disappointed, he recognised that there was no other choice. Safety first. Always. Hayden was punted off the track on lap one, pushing him back to 22nd and making him fight through the traffic to finish 16th. Jordan started 23rd and battled hard, re-learning all of his brake markers, finish 20th. Quite a good effort from both of them considering the race was reduced to only 6 laps due to so many breaks in formation before the start.                                                                                               A cumulation of points from the day would decide the gridding position for the final. Hayden would start the final from 12th and Jordan from 22nd. Hayden started 12th and unfortunately had contact coming out of corner 1 which put him back to 25th. He then had to battle back to finish 11th. Jordan started 22nd, drove up to 17th and then unfortunately couldn’t avoid his friend who was re entering after a spin. Jordan tried to go around Luke but couldn’t see that Luke was moving forward- they both tried to avoid each other but unfortunately went the same direction! Both boys were ok- Jordan finished the race with a bent axle in 19th. There was quite significant sun glare and both Hayden and Jordan managed to avoid a big accident which caused a full course yellow. A great fighting effort for both, given some unlucky moments across the weekend. The improvement in the boys stamina and strength is already evident - thanks to Jimmy and Plus Fitness 24/7 Underwood.
We utilised a new tool from MotiV8 Training for doing a Post Race Debrief while we waited for presentation. It really helped to work through what had happened over the course of the day. This will be a great long term resource for us. We can see it’s benefits already!
After Jordan’s luck during the day, it was very exciting for him to win the $500 random draw at presentation!
We had lots of wins OFF the track, because we also got to go home to a no longer leaky shower thanks to our friends at Ruiz Plumbing Solutions.
We had been tossing up heading up to the State Cup in Bundaberg this weekend but with us needing to learn how to do an axle change, we decided to give it a miss.
Our next race meet is the Mother’s Day Race at Warwick for the first round of the Southern QLD Series.

Race Report - Warwick Kart Club Championship Round 2 - 10 March 2019

We headed up to Warwick Friday night to get an early start on Saturday.
Saturday practice seemed to bring with it all sorts of hiccups. Jordan lost a wheel, which we sorted out, but then his brakes jammed on for some reason. We thought we had fixed that up and then it did it again. A few more adjustments and he was back out on the track. Unfortunately, those hiccups meant that Jordan didn’t really get much of a chance to try out his freshly aligned kart.
Hayden’s practice wasn’t drama free either. The pedal adjustment that was recommended at the driver development day wasn’t received well and we had to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle.
We spent Saturday evening having a social bbq and enjoying a few laughs with our fellow club members and visitors. It was a great night that would have us feeling like the night was a little short.
The boys went out for the Carby / Practice session and to our excitement, both Hayden and Jordan cracked a Personal Best time! The day was looking positive!
It would be random grid positions for heat 1. Hayden would start in P3 and Jordan in P11.
Heat 1- Hayden started in 3rd, got out in front early and a big dive heading into Broderick put him up into 1st! He created a nice lead and stayed out in front quite convincingly until a couple of laps from the end when the drivers in 2nd and 3rd started to reel him in and Beau got past. Hayden finished in 2nd.
Jordan started 11th, was sitting in 6th for a while and finished 7th with another PB!
It would be reverse random grid for heat 2 with Jordan starting on pole in P1, Hayden starting from P9.
Jordan got an ok start. Hayden had a great start. As Hayden lunged through the field, he then came up behind Jordan...
The boys had a little lesson in ‘racing room’ which had both boys squeezing the other off the track a few times, with Hayden running out of road and having to do a bit of grass karting, re- entering the track right behind Jordan to do it all again.
It was very entertaining for everyone in the grandstand... except their mother … Hayden ended up passing Jordan and they finished in P5 and P6.
We were so impressed when they came off the track and agreed that it had been a racing incident that they could both learn from. It was one of the most mature responses we have seen and we credit that to MotiV8 Training.
Heat 3 was decided on points so Hayden would start from P3 and Jordan from P6.
Hayden popped up into 2nd on the start and then finished in 3rd in a very tight battle for the top 5. The top 5 karts were nose to tail did the last 7 laps!
Jordan started 6th and finished 7th with some great battles in between.
The final grid position would be determined on points. Hayden would start the final from P3 and Jordan from P7. The final was a great demonstration of awesome racing in the final.
Hayden started P3 and was straight up to 2nd off the start. He finished P4.
Jordan started P5 and got a little lost in the pack on the start. He had 2 karts right on his tail on the last few laps but an incident between the other two karts had them DNF and Jordan finished P6.
As the day was all points count, Hayden finished the day on 3rd overall and Jordan finished in 6th.
Big Thankyou’s to Macca from 9ine5ive Tuning. Although he wasn’t at the track this weekend, he was never far away and was messaging tips and support all weekend.
KAOS Karting were minus a team member this weekend but Larry was a great help all weekend. We did miss Jen- it was super quiet without her.
We are seeing some huge improvements in both boys race craft and have been very impressed with how our year has started.
We have a couple of weeks break coming up which will be spent doing some kart and Motorhome maintenance and some sponsorship proposals. We are looking forward to Ruiz Plumbing Solutions giving our water pump an overhaul.
We are back on track again at Ipswich on the 6th April.

Race Report - Ipswich Kart Club Championship Round 2 - 2 March 2019

We are a bit late with the race report this week because we have been crazy busy- but here it is!
We were back to our regular numbers as we contested round two of the Ipswich Kart Club championship. With the nationals on recently we felt very at home at Ipswich!
Some heavy rain overnight caused a lot of puddles on track and we would be fighting the rain all day.
We went out for Carby session with some light drizzle on slick tyres. The boys had a blast getting in some invaluable practice in case it started raining mid race later in the day.
Heat 1 would be a random grid with Hayden in P2 and Jordan in P12. Jordan unfortunately had a kart come up over his back during the start, doing some damage to his muffler and chain guard. He started 12th and finished 15th with quite a bit of damage. Hayden started P2 and finished P4.
Heat 2 had Hayden starting 17th and finishing 11th. Jordan started in 7th and finished 15th. It appeared Jordan’s kart was harboring some damage from heat 1.
Heat 3 would have Hayden starting 9th and Jordan starting 15th. Hayden had more hits than the Beatles, getting knocked around a bit to finish 8th. Jordan struggled to keep his kart on the track, bringing it in early with the suspicion of a bent frame. Our experience with MotiV8 Training certainly helped work through the disappointment and we were able to get on with moving forward.
After heat 3 we set about straightening Jordan’s chassis. We hoped that it would be enough to get him out for the final and we would manage the rest during the week.
Hayden would start the final in P8 and Jordan in P17.
It was great drive in the final by both boys. Hayden started 8th, switched between 7th and 8th all race and drove across the line in 8th. There were a few passing opportunities that he didn’t commit to which cost him some spots.
Jordan’s kart gremlins were a bit better, starting 17th and finishing in 16th.
The two drivers in first and second came in underweight on the scales which would put Hayden in 6th and Jordan in 14th.
Both boys had some work to do before the next race- including getting Jordan’s kart jack in tip top shape which we did at KAOS Karting on Monday. All looks good for this weekend at warwick kart club!
A big Thankyou to Macca (Mac’n cheese) at 9ine5ive Tuning for his help over the weekend- the setup is en pointe!

Race Report - Australian Karting Championships Round 1 - Ipswich - 15/16/17 February 2019

This past weekend, Hayden and Jordan contested their very first round of the National kart championships. It would be a weekend of learning- a weekend of highs and of lows- but most of all- a weekend of firsts.
We began the weekend on Thursday- setting up our pits with our team mates from KAOS Karting and 9ine5ive Tuning. You couldn’t ask for a better combination to pit with than the national champion of Tag 125, the awesomeness of Shawn McNamara for driver training and kart setup and a group of friendly, family oriented drivers and their families.
It was immediately obvious that ‘we weren’t in Kansas anymore’. The atmosphere was different, the rules were different, the pressure was different. The AKC track lockout had been in place for a few weeks so we hadn’t raced on it in 2 weeks and hadn’t practiced on it in nearly 5! We set the Motorhome up outside the precinct and settled in for the night.
The cadet 12 group that Hayden and Jordan are in was in oversubscribed format. There were 71 drivers all aged between 10 and 12. They would be placed in qualifying order and then allocated into group A, B, C or D down the list. The groups would then race each other, with only to top 40 drivers making it into the finals on Sunday.
Jordan has been in this age group only for three races- two of which were the last 2 weekends. We went into the weekend with no expectations. We would be happy with a low repair bill, smiling faces and a good experience.
If either of the boys earned a grid spot for the final it would be the icing on the cake.
We woke up bright and early Friday morning and started official practice.
There would be 5 allocated practice sessions per group. The first three sessions would be untimed and the final two sessions would be timed to determine qualifying groups for the next day.
Jordan had a tough day at the office. His body gave up on him and decided it had been pushed too far these past few weeks. The change to cadet 12’s has been tough for him and his stamina and strength needs a lot of work. He was exhausted and the heat was very difficult. He struggled during practice and finished the day in 69th out of 71 for practice.
Hayden drove amazingly during practice. He was consistently in the Top 10 in his sessions and ended the day 14th out of 71 Karts, only 0.2sec away from being in the top 5 and was 9th in timed practice.
This would put the boys into two different groups for qualifying.
We were all exhausted. We cleaned the karts and put them to bed, put the allocated race tyres on rims, had some dinner and had an early night to bed.
Saturday morning brought with it more heat and more excitement. Thank goodness for the boys cool vests!
Jordan qualified 31st in his group (from 38th) which placed him 65th overall out of the 71 karts. He was still a little off the pace from where he usually would be sitting but he was definitely closer than the day before.
Hayden qualified 8th overall out of 71 karts. This was far beyond our expectations and it was great to see his hard work paying off.
Qualifying results would place Jordan in group A and Hayden in group D.
Heat 1 would be Group A vs Group D. Both Hayden and Jordan in the same heat. We had a child at each end of the grid which made the ‘mummy rituals’ a bit trickier than usual lol. Having Hayden starting from the second row at his first national race was amazing.
Hayden had a good solid start from P4, losing only 2 positions on the start. Qualifying and Starts have always been Hayden’s weaknesses so we knew it would be a big effort to stay up the front. He slowly dropped a few positions to hold 10th. A big dive on the straight put him up to 8th. Unfortunately on the next lap he put a tyre off in the dirt and lost 5 spots, finishing 13th and having a drop down bumper penalty, meaning he had made contact with a kart in front. The drop down penalty would cost him 2 grid positions. Hayden was the 3rd fastest on the track.
Jordan started in 33rd, got caught up in a corner 1 bingle on the start, which caused a drop down penalty and still drove through to pass 8 karts to finish 24th.
Neither of the boys had ever driven with a drop down bumper before so they were quite disappointed. A pep talk with Macca had them back smiling again and we were ready for heat 2.
Heat 2 would have the boys in different races- much easier to watch on the track but difficult in that we weren’t both able to see the entire two races because one child was on the grid while the other was going through the weigh scales.
In Jordan’s 2nd heat, he started in 33rd and was up to 23rd by corner 3! He fought for position and switched spots a few times to finish in 25th!
It was nice clean racing!
There was an accident in front of him that he managed to avoid, but it did cause a concertina effect and cause drop down penalties from Jordan and the karts in his train. He took it well and was able to move past it.
In Hayden’s second heat, he started 4th, dropped down to 8th on the start, then lost another 2 positions to 10th. He then fought back in the last few laps to finish in 7th.
Heat 3 would again have the boys in different races.
Heat 3 for Jordan: He once again started from P33. On lap one, 2 karts came together in front of him, leaving him nowhere to go but straight into one of the karts. He cycled around for the rest of the race but it was clear he had a lot of damage. He was sliding around all over the track. He came in with bent tie rods, missing nosecone clamps and a very bent steering column- so bent that we couldn’t even turn the wheel. Very impressive that he drove it for 10 laps and finished in P35.
Heat 3 for Hayden began with a great start- he started again from 4th and held his position for the start. He battled the whole race and finished in 6th.
After day 1, total combined points had one child sitting in 15th and one sitting in 63rd. Out of 71 of the best drivers in the country.
Hayden and Jordan would both be in the second group for heat 4, on track at 8.14am the next morning. Then the top 40 karts after heat 4 would make the grid for the final just after 12.30.
Sunday morning started early with a 6am business meeting over Jordan’s steering column 😂. All repairs done and dusted with plenty of time to spare before racing at 8. Thanks Shawn!
Heat 4: Hayden started 8th and jumped up to 6th on the first lap, by lap 5 he dropped to 7th and on the final lap he dropped back to finish 8th.
Jordan started 32nd and quickly moved up to 26th. A passing move on the last lap put him back to 27th.
After heat 4 we had Hayden sitting in 15th position overall and earning a grid spot for the final. Jordan would miss out on the final and finished in 60th position out of the 71 drivers.
We had quite a big break before Hayden’s final so we headed off to the MotiV8 Training tent for a sports massage. Both boys were showing the effects of the last few days of racing and desperately needed some work. They both felt great afterwards.
With all of the tension sorted out, Hayden was ready for the final. Hayden was starting the final from grid position 15. He dropped to 18th on the start, pushed up to 17th, then back to 18th. He hesitated a couple of times when he was about to make a passing move and ended up being passed by other drivers in the process. He dropped as far as 28th and then fought back to finish 27th. He drove carefully and cautiously and he quickly discovered that although this keeps your repair bill low, it doesn’t necessarily get you on podiums.
It was amazing effort for his first national race meet. He had great pace and got pushed around a little. He brought home a straight kart and had a repair bill of $0 which is impressive for the nationals. Hayden had no drop down bumper penalties all weekend bar the first heat, which was also a positive.
We cannot praise the boys enough for their efforts over the past 3 days. It has been very mentally and physically challenging and has been a big learning curve for them. Truly a growth opportunity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The overall points system had Hayden finishing Round 1 of the National Series in 15th position and Jordan, one of the youngest in the group, in 52nd!
This weekend has been full of Special moments....
Thankyou to all who visited to cheer the boys on- they love sharing their love of racing with you and it was great to see their Nanna, Aunty and cousin, along with the team from Ruiz Plumbing Solutions coming to watch some racing.
And to Macca- from 9ine5ive Tuning- you are Amazing. You have such an awesome connection with the boys and they trust you 110%. You have been instrumental in having them ready for AKC and it is onwards and upwards from here.
Kaos Karting- you always have whatever we need - including good luck cuddles and crazy cheers from the grand stand during the finals. You are a very important part of our team.
@Power Republic- our engines didn’t miss a beat this weekend. They were beautiful. The boys definitely had the equipment to win.
@Belinda Riseley From MotiV8 Training, from the massage therapy to the dietician advice to the assistance with promotions... the boys are loving being brand ambassadors for your business. Motiv8 has made a very big difference to their development.
We also learned a lot of things off the track this weekend and in the lead up to this weekend.

Being part of a supportive team is priceless. We had an Amazing weekend and much of that was to do with the people we were surrounded by. You know who you are.
We have a precious weekend off next weekend and then it’s back into another 3 weekends of racing.

Race Report - Warwick Kart Club Championship Round 1 - 10 February 2019

We headed to Warwick for the first round of the championship last weekend and had an awesome time. We spent Saturday doing some practice and enjoyed a nice night of social fun with a club BBQ. A big storm rolled in and threatened to blow us all away so thankfully we were able to drop the marquee height down and keep everything fairly secure.
Sunday morning saw a huge number of entries and there was a great buzz in the pits. We started off with a practice session and things were looking good.
Random draw for heat one had Hayden starting in 4th position and Jordan starting in 10th position. Both boys had a good race and swapped positions a few times. They raced on each other’s tails for the whole race and finished with Hayden in 5th and Jordan in 6th. Hayden was fastest on track during the lap where he was trying to pass his brother.
After heat 1 we noticed an issue with Jordan’s engine. A broken clutch! It was a very close call but thanks to Larry and Luke we were able to get him out for heat 2.
Heat 2 had Jordan starting from Pole position and P7 for Hayden. They had great starts and Jordan finished in 2nd and Hayden in 3rd, however, Jordan was then given a penalty for not giving enough racing room. That penalty put Jordan into 7th and pushed Hayden up to 2nd.
The boys started heat 3 from their combined pointe positions from the results of heats 1 and 2 . Hayden would start from P4 and Jordan from P7. They raced well and Hayden finished in 3rd and Jordan in 4th.
The final had Hayden starting from third and Jordan from fifth, which was where they were sitting so far for the day.
It was an amazing race and we are very proud of both of them. Both boys were part of separate battle packs with Hayden hot on the heels of the front two karts. Jordan was the front kart in the next group of four and switched his position many times in a very close, very clean race. Hayden finished in 3rd and Jordan in 4th.
All points counted for this race meet and Hayden finished the day in 3rd overall, with Jordan not far behind in fourth overall.
It was a great start to the championship for Hayden and Jordan and both were pleased with their efforts. Racing against each other went very well! Awesome team work!
A very short turnaround had us run off our feet early this week in time to set up pits tomorrow afternoon at the first round of the National Karting Championships at Ipswich Kart Club tomorrow.
We couldn’t do it without all of the support.
KAOS Karting, Ruiz Plumbing Solutions, 9ine5ive Tuning, MotiV8 Training, Power Republic

Race Report - Ipswich Kart Club Championship Round 1 - AKC Shakedown - 2 February 2019

After a big 6 week break for the off season, we headed out to Ipswich for the club’s season opener.
It was set to be a big one with around 54 cadet 12 drivers and of course our boys would be back racing against each other again. It was the biggest field our boys had ever driven in and the class would go into the over subscribed format. It was new to us but would be good practice for the upcoming AKC round.
As the boys are entered for the first round of the Australian Kart Championships in 2 weeks time, there is a practice lockout in place and they were unable to do any Friday night practice.
We would have the invaluable help and support from Macca at 9ine5ive Tuning and we were looking forward to a weekend of learning.
Practice: The day started with a 13 minute practice session. It was a disappointing start to the day for Jordan- 4 corners into his first lap of practice, his kart rolled to a stop. He couldn’t restart it so he missed out on valuable practice time. A quick look showed a sticking button on his battery cradle and it looked to be shorting out and stopping power to the engine. It wasn’t ideal but it wasn’t show stopping. We would be able to fix it. Hayden felt good and was happy with how his kart went in practice. After practice, We had some rain come over so we got the wet tires ready. We didn’t need them thankfully.
Qualifying: The lack of a practice time would put Jordan into qualifying group 1, with Hayden in qualifying group 2. Thanks to some awesome pit crew, Jordan’s kart rolled out with a new wiring harness with time to spare. 4 corners into qualifying, the kart stopped again! He would not produce a lap time for qualifying and he would start at the back of the field. We were looking for a fuel issue and it appeared that the wiring harness/sticking button was a secondary issue that just happened to occur at the same time (the joys of karting!). After a bit of investigation we discovered an issue with the fuel pickup. A fairly big issue since he didn’t have one lol. The fuel line had split and broken right through inside the fuel tank. Again, not show stopping, but it would certainly make it difficult starting from the back of the grid.
Hayden qualified 19th which he was quite happy with. He had a few little changes to make to his kart for heat 1.
Jordan would be in group A and Hayden in group C, meaning they would race each other in heat 1.
Heat 1, group A v group C: Hayden would start from P19 and Jordan right at the back in P34. Jordan had an impressive start, passing about 10 karts before he hit corner 1. He raced hard and made up 19 positions, finishing in 15th! Hayden also had a great race, making some great passes and finishing 8 positions ahead of his starting position in 11th!! Both boys were really happy with their race and they managed to avoid any drama.
Heat 2, group A v group B: Hayden would sit this one out and Jordan would once again start from P34.
He had another great start, heading up the outside of the group and making some great passes. Heading through corner 2 he was already up to 21st and he had two karts come together across the front of him, one hit his upper arm and the other went up over his nasseau panel, smashing his go pro off the front and leaving it dangling by the safety wire. He had a very bent tie rod and managed to limp home to finish the race in 24th. The camera hung on for about 6 laps and then flew off into the grass- we managed to locate it which was good but we would be camera-less for the rest of the day with the case and mounts all damaged. Jordan appeared uninjured and was keen to go racing. Thankfully his group were not racing heat 3 and we would have some time for repairs. after the knock to his mood in practice and qualifying it was nice to see him come off the track with a smile to accompany his bruised kart. We owe this to MotiV8 Training for helping us to develop more resilient drivers.
Heat 3, group B v group C: Hayden would start heat 3 from 19th again. He got a reasonable start and then got a little bump through corner 3, pushing him off into the dirt. He lost a lot of positions and was back to 34th trying to re enter the track safely and had to work hard to make those spots back. He made some hood passes and clawed his way back to 24th.
The first 3 heats put Hayden in 24th and Jordan in 31st overall on points. Jordan would be in heat 4a and Hayden in heat 4b.
Heat 4a: Jordan started his heat 4 from 16th. He dropped to 18th, went back up to 14th and dropped back to 16th. He was looking very tired.
Heat 4b: Hayden would start in 12th. He had some very close racing. He lived up to 10th and then lost a position to finish in 11th.
Final: We we’re excited to discover that both Hayden and Jordan had made their way into the A final. It was a goal they both had at the start of the weekend and particularly with Jordan’s lack of qualifying, this was a huge effort. Hayden would start the final from 23rd and Jordan from 30th.
The final was brutal. There were karts everywhere and every one of the 35 drivers were playing for keeps. Both boys were given touch ups but all ok- nothing big. Jordan finished 25th (from 30th) and Hayden 19th (from 23rd)!
At one stage they were 17 and 19!
It was a great drive from both boys and a mammoth effort to finish where they did out of 54 karts.
The weekend was tough and it was, as they say, character building. We believe it was a great preparation for the National Round in 2 weeks time and an impressive first cadet 12 championship race for Jordan.
We were so fortunate to have Macca (Mac’n cheese) on our team this weekend - 9ine5ive Tuning definitely got the best out of our boys this weekend and we are really looking forward to their first national race meet.
Big Thankyou’s also to KAOS Karting for our trackside spares and good company, Power Republic for our engines (its a shame we couldn’t put fuel in Jordan’s engine to get a qualifying time lol), Ruiz Plumbing Solutions for the ongoing support, and our good friend Matt Sullivan for popping in for a visit and ending up being our trolley pusher, kart lifter and assistant mechanic.
More credit to Belinda Riseley at Motiv8 Training for helping us with all round driver development. We certainly had to draw on that for both boys over the course of the day and we look forward to more capacity building across 2019.
We have a quick turnaround to the first round of the warwick kart club championship this coming weekend and then the Australian Kart Championship at Ipswich on 15/16/17 Feb.

2018 Race Season Report

Our 2018 season has now come to an end and it’s time to re-set for 2019.

Our season this year was much bigger than our 2017 season. We increased our race meets and we contested two full Club Championship series, the Southern QLD Series, the C & D Grade Titles and a handful of other races around the state....
It was Hayden’s first year as a cadet 12 and Jordan’s final year as a cadet 9.
We were looking forward to having the boys separated for the year, giving them both a chance to develop independently to each other.
Jordan had high expectations and after coming third in the Warwick championship the year before, his goal for this year was to gain a championship podium at both Warwick and Ipswich.
Hayden recognised the learning curve he would be going on after winning the Warwick championship the year before and hoped to achieve top 5 at Warwick and top 10 at Ipswich.
Both boys were excited to have reached their goals.
Jordan took out the Warwick championship - equal with his friend Jackson - and came 3rd in the Ipswich championship.
Hayden came 4th in the Warwick championship (missing third by only one point) and 7th in the Ipswich championship. Hayden also received a Presidents Award at the Warwick Kart Club presentation for his attitude on and off the track.
Thanks to some help from Ruiz Plumbing Solutions this year, the boys were able to purchase some great new go pro cameras for their karts which have proven to be an essential learning tool.
We have had some invaluable trackside support from KAOS Karting and some brilliant engines from Power Republic.
We started working with Macca from 9ine5ive Tuning this year and have seen some amazing results. Hayden and Jordan respond so well to him and he has really learned how they tick. It has also been amazing to be able to learn from other 9ine5ive team mates such as the Comley and Devisser families.
We also received some invaluable support from some Warwick families - Peter and Nic Lane, Michael and Daniel Plant and Luke O'Dea to name a few.
Hayden and Jordan were ambassadors for MotiV8 Training this year and were able to learn so much about a huge range of areas. They understand race day nutrition now and it is so much easier to get them to fuel their bodies. We have increased muscle strength in the physical training program and we have discovered so much about how the sports psychology concepts affect them both on and off the race track. The most obvious difference is their ability to speak publicly. This is still a work in progress, but autism has made this a task that requires a great deal of practice. We can see the changes this year and they are only getting better. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity Belinda Riseley has given us.

We have some big plans for next year and we are looking forward to working together in 2019.